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Having driven nearly every Peugeot car since 1988, I think I’m in a good position to judge how good this new 308 really is? Peugeot have produced many good and some great cars during the past 30 years, models such as The 306, and of course the 205 and 206 that became the best selling car in the UK and Europe.


So how does this new Peugeot stand up to the greats that have gone before?


My first look at the New 308, was at a Dealership in the New Forest. The first thing that struck me was just how beautiful, sleek and elegant it was and how low the car sits to the ground. Every part of the body appears to be rounded and you would certainly describe it as a good looking car!


The inside is no disappointment either and the dash area is stripped right down with most functions controlled by the touchscreen located in the middle of the dash. Gone are all the knob and switches, to be replaced by a colour touch screen that I managed to navigate my way through in a matter of minutes.  


You can’t help but notice the small steering wheel, that was introduced on the 208 and has proven to be a big hit with 208 owners and it was about now that I started thinking that this could be the real deal? If it drives as good as it looks Peugeot will be on to a winner.


A few days later I had the pleasure of a test drive and I was keen to see if the car did drive as good as Peugeot had promised? Now I had read some reviews on the car and whilst most were extremely positive, there were the usual array of critics with one journalist convinced that the car didn't handle well around corners?


Well he must have been driving a different one to me as the car did drive as good as it looked! Just about every thing I expect from a Peugeot it delivered on. Great handling and diesel engine was as good as it gets. Not since I first drove the 306, have I been so excited with a 3 series Peugeot.


Peugeot invested millions in the reliability and build quality of the car before it got any where near to production and it shows. But don’t take my word for it or that of any journalist‘s review, book a test drive today!


The New Peugeot 308 is a thing of beauty and will become a huge success for Peugeot and it’s dealers.


Voted the 2014 'Car of the Year', the New 308 is a stylish hatchback that is daring and intuitive - perfect for those who know that streamlined doesn’t have to mean low-tech.